Due to the nature of our work Unit Members must meet certain requirements. These requirements reflect the various levels of state, county and Unit responsibilities that are required to perform search and rescue in the State of Washington and King County.

The Pacific Northwest Trackers Association recognizes three categories of membership: Prospective Members, Associate Members and Active Members.

Prospective Members

These people have expressed an interest in the group, and are waiting for an upcoming PNWTA introduction class, which will provide them with an overview of the group, expectations of its members. People who meet the first 2 requirements may be invited to participate in an eight (8) hour field training exercise. The specific requirements for this category of membership are as follows:

1. Shall be at least 18 years old.

2. Shall be physically able to carry the required equipment (approximately 25-30 lbs.) through non-technical wilderness terrain.

3. Possess equipment as outlined in Appendix B of our Handbook.

4. Complete the PNWTA Request for Information form.

5. Complete the Homeland Security Institute IS-100.a and IS-700.a courses.

6. Pass KCSO back-ground check.

7. Shall acquire King County Emergency Worker Cards.

Associate Members:

Generally these people are new to the group and are working toward Active Member status. Associate Members for example may also be members of longer standing who do not satisfy Active Member requirements but who do have the ability to contribute to the group in other ways. Associate Members can attend meetings and practices, but are not eligible to vote on Unit business or receive any funding by the Unit for advanced training. The specific additional requirements for this category of membership are as follows:

1. Possess King County Emergency Worker cards.

2. Actively pursue completion of the requirements for category of Active Member.

Active Members:

Active Members are fully qualified to participate in search and rescue activities, to vote on Unit business and to receive funding for advanced training according to the Unit's policy for training funds disbursements.

The additional requirements for Active Membership are:

1. Shall complete Core Competency training for field-qualified personnel as defined by the Search and Rescue Emergency Worker Core Competency Criteria published by the Search and Rescue Volunteer Advisory Council (SARVAC) and the Washington State Search and Rescue Coordinator’s Association (WSSARCA).

2. Complete sixty (60) hours of field exercises (Twenty-four (24) of these can be a JHPTS class).

3. Be sucessfully evaluated by the senior members of PNW Trackers. See "Basic Skills Training" in Part 2 of our Handbook.

4. Actively participate in Unit meetings and activities.

5. Possess equipment as outlined in Appendix B of our Handbook.

Once members have attained Active Member status, they are expected to acquire JHPTS Basic certification within the next year. The annual attendance requirements for maintaining Active Membership are:

1. Thirty-six (36) hours of Unit training per training calendar year. The 36 hours of training must include an overnight training of at least 12 hours and does not include travel time.

2. Three (3) Unit meetings per training calendar year.

3. Two (2) searches per training calendar year.

Posted: 7/10/2014