Membership and Qualifications

Due to the nature of our work, Unit Members must meet certain requirements. These requirements reflect the various levels of state, county and Unit responsibilities that are required to perform search and rescue in the State of Washington and King County.

The Pacific Northwest Trackers Association recognizes three categories of membership: Prospective Members, Associate Members and Active Members.

Prospective Members

Prospective Members shall be at least 18 years old and physically able to carry the required equipment (approximately 25-30 lbs.) through non-technical wilderness terrain. They shall have expressed an interest in the group, and are working on one of the following steps in the application process. These steps must be completed in order:

1. Complete the following ICS classes. These are available free on-line from FEMA. Click the links.

a. IS-100.x

b. IS-700.x

2. Complete the KCSO Application for DEM

3. Wait for KCSO initial background check to be completed

4. Attend initial trainings to determine whether continued processing to become an Associate Member will be pursued.

Associate Members:

Once a person has completed all of the steps for Prospective Member and agreement has been made between the Unit and Prospective Member, the Unit may vote them in as an Associate Member.

Associate Members are those members who have been voted into the unit, but have not yet been certified at the Basic level. They can attend both meetings and practices but are not eligible to vote on Unit business or receive funding for advanced training. They may attend missions if at least one member who is certified Basic or above is also attending the mission.

The specific additional requirements for this category of membership are as follows:

1. Possess King County Emergency Worker cards.

2. Possess equipment as outlined in our handout

3. Complete Core Competency training for field-qualified personnel as defined by the Search and Rescue Emergency Worker Core Competency Criteria published by the Search and Rescue Volunteer Advisory Council (SARVAC) and the Washington State Search and Rescue Coordinator’s Association (WSSARCA).

4. Actively pursue completion of the requirements to become an Active Member

Active Members:

Active Members are fully qualified to participate in search and rescue activities, to vote on Unit business and to receive funding for advanced training according to the Unit's policy for training funds disbursements.

The additional requirements for Active Membership are:

1. Earn and maintain a minimum certification level of Basic through Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services (JHPTS/VTATI).

2. Actively participate in Unit meetings and training sessions.

3. Meet all required training requirements of Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services

Posted: 6/24/2020